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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Amitabh and Narendra Modi : Rishtey Main To Hum Sab Ke...

Recently Amitabh Bachchan visited Gandhinagar and chief minister Mr. Narendra Modi for promotion of his own film ‘Paa’. They both have entered into mutual admiration club. Both praised each other in their respective blogs. Seeing both in above photograph, we can not restrain ourselves from comparising both. Following are similarities between them :
(1) Both keep grown beard (dadhi). Amitabh is having ‘Pa’ (in Gujarati, Pa = 1/4) dadhi while Mr. Modi has full beard.
(2) Amitabh has played most time character of Vijay who was always fought alone against system, against evils, against goons. He was always shown as ‘angry young man’. Gujarat chief minister has also got image like angry young man. He has fought alone. He has defeated all oppositants. However, characters played by Amitabh and also Amitabh himself and Mr. Modi have good sense of humour.
(3) Both hate media equally. Amitabh has written against media’s badmashi several times in his blog. Mr. Modi is known for media bashing. In many public speeches he has mocked media.
(4) Both are very workoholic. Their day starts very early with exercise and extends to late night.
(5) Both have their unique way to connect with ‘aam janta’. Both write on blog. However, Mr. Modi is unable to keep it update at regular interval.
(6) Both are literature lover.
(7) Both have good voice. Both are good orator. When they speak audience get hypnotized. Both have speaking eyes.
Another point. When Amitabh came to visit Gandhinagar, same day Amar Singh had resigned from Samajwadi Party posts. Connecting both these things, media made a story that ‘Shahenshah’ of silver screen is coming close to ‘Janta Raja’ (a play on Shivaji which was liked by Modi). This table story may be or may not be true. However, where Amitabh is finding himself, it is quite understood that he may have good relation with politians, as Shahrukh has good relation with Congress chief Sonia Gandhi.
Amitabh had good relation with congress when there was Rajiv Gandhi. But after that both - Gandhi and Bachchan family relations were not so good and in the troubled days, Amitabh found Amar Singh as great friend. However, he remained far from entering politics again, but let his wife to enter in politics and winning Rajya sabha seat. But now as Amar Singh is distancing himself from Samajwadi party, may be Amitabh has decided to come close to Mr. Modi who is quite powerful in BJP.
Amitabh had expressed his desire to become brand ambassadar of Gujarat. However, Modi doesn’t need any brand ambassader till he is there in Gujarat. But BJP can think to make Amitabh party’s brand ambassadar. Here are the reasons : (Please note that there is emphasis on ‘image’ word.)
(1) Amitabh is familyman. If said affair with Rekha is excluded, Amitabh has retained his imaga as one woman-wife man. He was his parent’s son. He has friendship like relation with his son Abhishek. And if we ignore past of Aishwarya, she can be fit for ideal Bahu.
(2) He is very disciplined person. very cultured man. Always speaks Shuddh Hindi. He asserted for Shuddh Hindi in ‘Big Boss season-3′ too. Dilip Kumar whom BJP and its sister organisations will like to identify as Yusuf Khan, Javed Akhtar, Shahrukh Khan always speak Hindi with big doze of Urdu. Amitabh has very good manners in comparision to Shahrukh. Shahrukh is very outspoken and often insults his seniors in bollywood too. Amitabh doesn’t look like proudy man.
(3) He can be seen visiting temples here and there with family. Thus, he is very ‘religious’ man too.
(4) He is competing ‘Khan’ brigade like Shahrukh, Salman, Amir, Salman at this old age too...
Thus, if BJP and Amitabh join hands, they will be benifited mutually.

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