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Monday, August 22, 2016

Politics: Most Played Game In Sports!

Today I had opportunity to participate in a talk show held on Nirmaan Channel. It was on politics in sports. My discussion points were:

(1) In Gujarati, we say, "Maree sathe ramat thai gayee" (I am victim of politics) and "Dav thai gayo" (I am betrayed). Both idioms contain words of sports but indicate politics in sports.

(2) We are participating in olympics since 1900. In 1900, we got 2 medals and that too both silver. 116 years passed since then. But we have not learned a lesson from these so many years. We are on same tally. Instead we have one silver and one bronze now.

(3) Politicians are to be blamed as they hold president and other key posts in various sports association. Our sports minister Vijay Goyal reportedly behaved not well while taking selfies. Abhay Chautala was seen in Rio Olympics. He is facing disproportionate of asset case. Though he contested for IOA and won too. But then due to IOC (International Olympic Committee) rule, he was dismissed.

(4) At the same time we also lack sports culture. We are very soft persons. We don't like physical activities too much. We are ahead in soft skills like computer, mobile etc. We are much ahead in space science. We are very much into cultural activities. Hindi film industry is said to be second in world. No country can shine in every field. At the same time we should understand that parents don't like to send their children in sports field. Children are asked to finish homework before going to play. But even this play is not helpful in getting ahead in sports. For that, children need proper guidance, coaching and training. In China, they catch them young and give hard training. If we watch training video of training given in China, we can not bear it. Nowadays, parents are too soft towards children. If teacher punish children for good purpose, parents and media make this big point. How they can tolerate harsh training given to their children?

(5) Children also like to play indoor video games, computer games etc. They don't like physical activities. In school, physical training (In Gujarati it is known as 'Shareerik Shikshan') subject is not compulsory and not taught properly. Also we don't have much and proper infrastructure. We don't have enough playgrounds.

(6) In India, we work on nepotism. So, there are east zone, west zone, south zone and north zone. Those players got more chance whose zone leader is powerful at center. e.g. If Sharad Pawar is powerful, Maharashtra players will get more chance. Due to nepotism, players like Ajit Agarkar got more chance while Praveen Amre, Atul Bedade, Amol Majumdar, S.Badrinath and Rajesh Chauhan get sidelined.

(7) Rules are changed autocratically. In 2011, rule was made that cricketer who is retired at international level can't play IPL. But at end of 2011 IPL season, rule was changed to accommodate Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid.

(8) We are honouring P. V. Sindhu and Sakshi Malik but we will forget them after sometime. Look at ex olympians or players. Shanta Devi won silver at national level Kabaddi game. But she is vegetable vendor at present. Khashba Dara Saheb was wrestler. He won medal too. He is now police inspector.

(9) P. Gopichand who has become famous as coach after P. V. Sindhu won silver in badminton had to put his home on mortgage to open academy. This is situation.

(10) Not only corruption, nepotism prevail in sports but sexual exploitation too prevails. Ex captain of Indian women's football team has alleged sexual exploitation in her book 'Game in game'.