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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Virat Kohli : Aaj Kuchh Tufani Karte Hain!

As Virat Kohli smashed ball all around the corner yesterday against Australia ODI to hit 100 not out (Although credit also should go to Rohit Sharma for his 141 not out, but we love just Virat for his aggressive and fast batting), now he is sure to get advertisement contracts. And why not? He deserves them. Look yoursefl.
1. Pepsi : Yehi hain Right Choice Baby, Abhi ke Abhi, Ye dil mange More
Virat Kohli has proved him self that he is Right Choice for Bhartiya Cricket team. After Sachin Tendulkar, he will be a good player upon whom Bharat cricket team can rely. We can say to him: Ye dil mange more!

2. Thums Up : Taste The Thunder
Virat Kohli showed yesterday what is thunder. In light vein, it can be said that before entering into field, Virat might have drunk Thums up and said : Chalo aaj kuchh tufani karte hain

3. Surf : Daag Achchhe hain
Virat Kohli is said to be one of the best fielder of Bharatiya Cricket team. For this his shirt may get dirty so we can say, Daag achchhe hain.

4. Tata Safari : Reclaim Your Life
Virat Kohli brings life into match. So this ad suits him.

5. Cinthol
In Cinthol Ad, Virat says Alive is awesome. But Virat is awesome too.

6. Rasna : I love you Rasna
Advertisement director may take Virat Kohli in Rasna ad and in the end, Virat can say : I love you Rasna and fans of him who are present around him can say : We love you Kohli!

7. Raymond's : The Complete Man
Virat has proved him to be a complete cricket player by batting, fielding, captaining. This ad also suits to him very much.

8. Bajaj Pulsar : Definitely Male
Virat is victorious. Under his captaincy Bharat won one day series against Zimbabwe. So this ad also befits to Virat.

9.Bingo : No Confusion, Great Combination
Now in this ad, director may take trio who created history against Australia in ODI- Virat, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan.

10.Havelles RCB : Shock Laga Kya
In this ad, director can show clippings of yesterday match and then in the end, Virat asks question to Australian cricketers : Shock Laga Kya! Then director can show Australian cricket's de-glam and unhappy faces.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Black acts in Bharat : Are we living under Black British rulers?

It is high time that some movement like opposition of black acts should start. In Amdavad, there is new rule (or atleast it came to my knowledge now) that for new vehicles, owners will have to buy number plate only from RTO approved agency and that also in RTO premises. As all know, Amdavad RTO is located on boundary of Amdavad so most of people have to travel a long distance. They stand in queue for their turn beginning from 8 am and may get turn at end of the day! This is ridiculous! Why do you make compulsory to buy number plate only from Amdavad RTO? And if you have good logic behind it, can't you open centers in various areas? 
Second such rule is that for filling petrol/diesel one must have weared helmet, he/she must have license, PUC, and RC (vehical registration certificate). 
Another such rule is filling up KYC form every year. Agreed that there is rise in bank related crime, but why customer need to fill up form? Can't bank this do when they can go home of customer for opening a/c or to avail them such facilities?
Toll tax is another wrongly imposed tax. Agreed that it is collected for good road but it should be one time tax and govt should assure that roads are in good state. There are so many such black acts which make citizens' lives miserable. 
There are so many direct and indirect taxes imposed upon citizens but in return what they get? It is known that nowadays govt has very much limited responsibilities/liabilities. They have privatised most of services. (Now there is also talk about privatization of Air India also.) Then why so huge taxes? Who will regulate private companies/firms from increasing prices frequently? And after collecting hefty taxes, we only get poor services from govt. Roads are in bad state even in Narendra Modi's Gujarat (one can come and see in Amdavad).There is extremely bad water management in Saurastra where even after heavy rain, citizens are not getting water everyday. Education expenditure is so high. And in Gujarat, semister system in schools is made from 7th standard only to benefit textbook printers/guide/Swadhyay pothi/practise book publishers. 
Amul increases prices autocratically by citing hike in diesel prices almost two months. For increasing petrol or diesel prices, oil companies always cite weakening rupee (but conviniently forget low international oil price) or cite high international price of oil (but conviniently forgets strengthening of rupee). 
Our representatives -MPs/MLAS do not attend parliament/assembly sessions. Or if they attend, they create ruckus/chaos and houses adjournment is each and everyday phenomenon. (In Gujarat, Narendra Modi succeded to call assembly sessions only for two or three days because of weak opposition from Congress). If employee does not attend duty his/her salary will be cut but our mps/mlas salaries are not cut. Govt employees have to agitate for salary rise and private employees have to jump another company to get significant rise in salary but our mps/mlas conviniently forget their enimity and increase their salary by a good percentage. In addition they also get cheap food in assembly/parliament canteen. But common man gets food at much prises thanks to frequently increasing milk prices/satta on essential commodities. There is no control over medicine price also. Electricity and cooking gas are becoming costlier day by day. Purchasing house has become only dream of common man as there is nexus between builders and politicians. 
It is going to be totally failure if system. Without bribing small work is not done. 
Politicians irrespective of parties behaving like Zamindar/Zagirdar who used to block road when they had to pass from road and lived luxuriously. 
Situation is similar to time of British rule. In today's Kalash supplement of Divya Bhasker, Ajay Nayak has written about Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's speach before commencing Dandi March and Sardar spoke : There is nothing on which tax not applied. Only air is not taxed. We are not getting food. It is high time for Dharma Yuddh against this British government. 
I think we live under Black British government rule and there is no basic difference between political parties when it comes to taxing, rising mps/mlas salaries, security of ministers/mps/mlas. Politicians organize their sons/daughter marriage in lavish manner and we mutely watch.
If our politicians will not take cognizance of highly intolerable situation, one day they will invite bloody revolution like Arab spring or Russia revolution.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Did Congress miss the bus by not fielding Priyanka Gandhi against Modi?

It could be considered as Congress's master stroke. Yesterday all prime news channels of Bharat telecasted news that Congress will field Priyanka Gandhi in campaign all over Bharat. However, after hours long discussion on what would happen after Priyanka's entry at national level politics, Congress dismissed reports and counter blamed that it was BJP which spread this news to cover its failure in handling Madhya Pradesh temple stampede. Questions are:
(1) Who spread this news?

(2) Why did someone spread this news?

(3) Why did Congress backtrack?

If Congress would have decided to field Priyanka Gandhi at national level against Narendra Modi, it
would be difficult for Narendra Modi to face Priyanka because Modi could be unable to speak against Priyanka as he uses to speak against Rahul as it would be Woman respect case and if Modi speaks against Priyanka in disgracefull manner, Modi could loose his popularity in women voters.
And also from preliminary impression, it seems Priyanka is more intelligent than Rahul Gandhi. She is cute. She has good Hindi speaking skills unlike her mother Sonia. And BJP would not be able to oppose Priyanka becoming prime minister as it did against Sonia Gandhi citing her foreign roots.
It is tregedy of Bhartiya people that they decide to vote on basis of Charismatic personality and not on basis of issues. It implies to even Narendra Modi whose image is like Rajinikanth of Bhartiya politics who can do everything to save people. So chances are high that people can go for Priyanka as she has fair skin, cute smiley face and beautiful figure like indian actresses.
People have tried and tasted Rahul Gandhi who sometimed does immature acts like tearing Samajwadi Party manifesto in Uttar Pradesh assembly election and terming ordinance to save convicted MPs-MLAs from disqualification as NONSENSE. While Priyanka is yet to pass such tests. She has campaigned just in Amethi and Raibareli. She is not given by congress responsiblity to win full state elections/loksabha elections like Rahul. Her views are not known. Rahul uses to be silent on important issues. It will have to be seen what type of attitude Priyanka adopts on important issues. She was also silent on women sensitive issues such as Delhi Gang rape. So there are many pros and cons for Priyanka Gandhi's success.
Considering above facts, Priyanka Gandhi could have been proven Trump Card for Congress, then why it backtracked. Was it mischief of BJP to test reactions of political parties, public and media what if Congress plays its trump card? Was game plan of Congress leaked at earlier stage? Did Congress miss the bus by not endorsing news reports about fielding Priyanka against Modi?There are lot of questions that need to be answered.